Elementary School

  • Cooper Ham
  • Kaleb Smith
  • Logan Milsaps
  • Alijah Gabaldon

Middle School Team

  • Alec Robeson
  • Jakob Smith
  • Corey Camden
  • Ben Vogt
  • Juan Grange

Congratulations to Corey Camden 16-0 at Cadet Nationals and TEXAS Wrestler of the Week

Wisconsin - Bono / Reader

Tony Griffin - Granby School

Congratulations to Corey Camden 2018 130 Lb Schoolboy Freestyle Nationals Champion. 

WHO AM I?              I AM A CHAMPION!



Greco Roman

Olympic style of wrestling with a quick pace and lots of action. Season runs from March 15th to June 15th.

High school and collegiate style of wrestling. Season runs from September 1st to March 1st. 

Olympic style of wrestling with lots of high flying action. Season runs from March 15th to June 15th. 


Boneyard as a team did very well. Wrestled aggressive and won most position battles. We scored 5th as a team and 4th in overall pins. We left the tournament with 7 new TEXAS STATE CHAMPS. Boneyard Pin leader for the tournament was Tyler Langley with 4 in only 2:53 and points leader for Boneyard and only 1.5 behind the tournament leader was Logan Milsaps with 32 points. In addition; we had 2 wrestlers compete in the Rookie tournament on Sunday.

Individual results

Cooper Ham place is 1st - 24.0 team points
Logan Milsaps's place is 1st - 32.0 team points
Hunter Wagner's place is 1st - 27.0 team points.
Kaleb Smith's place is 1st - 24.0 team points
Benjamin Vogt's place is 1st - 26.0 team points
Alec Robeson's place is 1st - 16.0 team points.
Roman De La Cruz's place is 1st - 26.0 team points.

Mason Milsaps's place is 2nd - 17.5 team points.
Dale Box's place is 2nd and - 24.0 team points.
Tyler Langley's place is 2nd - 29.0 team points.
Marcus Allen's place is 2nd - 20.0 team points.
Anna Vogt's place is 2nd - 12.0 team points (GIRL's)

Tristan Rios's place is 3rd - 14.0 team points.
Brenna Heniff's place is 3rd - 9.0 team points (GIRL's)
Giuliana Rios's place is 3rd - 11.0 team points (GIRL'S)

Jackson Ham's place is 4th - 9.0 team points.
Timothy McGuire's place is 4th - 12.0 team points.

Max Marino's place is 5th - 7.0 team points.
Logan Soileau's place is 5th - 7.0 team points.


Isaac Castaneda's - 7.0 team points.
Luca Rios's place - 0.0 team points.
Aiden Heniff's - 0.0 team points.
Rylan Langley's - 9.0 team points.
Maxwell Vogt's - 2.0 team points.
Lucas Walters's - 4.0 team points.
Joshua Walters's - 7.0 team points.



State Champ
Giuliana Rios's place is 1st - 14.0 team points

Runner Up
Ian Walters's place is 2nd - 10.0 team points

Boneyard coaches could not be prouder of this group of kids. We kept working all year and the improvements kept coming. If you know Boneyard wrestlers, you know we work hard and are prepared for late periods and OT. You know we focus on more position wins than we do moves. Our kid's responded this weekend and we are extremely proud of the individual's and team success.

NEW LOCATION OPENING OCTOBER!   BONEYARD WEST opens up this fall.  October 1st at 11650 Barker Cypress (Cy Select Mat Room)!   Head Coach Christian Martinez!  

Tony Ramos - North Carolina

OCTOBER 2019; We are moving to The Woodlands College Park (CP) High School.  We leave behind a great facility, but we take with us the memories and bonds that were created in THE YARD over the years.   We hope you can make the trip to CP.   In addition to moving, we will be adding Coaches Eric Spjut and Lindsey Spjut to our coaching rotation.  

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Tony Griffin - Gramby Camps


who am i?

i am a champion!

Kevin Dresser - Iowa State

AJ Schopp - Purdue

2018 SUMMER CAMPS WERE AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED!!!    Over 70 Kids from across TEXAS showed up for the 5 camps.