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who am i?

i am a champion!

Parent's Responsibility:

​1. USA Wrestling card for athlete cost is $40.00 and can be purchase at
2. Deposit for loaner wrestling singlet of $75.00. Check will be held and returned when singlet is returned. If you would like to            
    purchase the singlet out right, that would be fine.
3. Wrestling shoes which can be purchase at Academy, Barcelona sports or numerous online sites. We have some used shoes         
    which we will sell to you for $20.00 if proper size is available.
4. Wrestling headgear can be purchased online.
5. Entries in at least 2  local wrestling tournaments, $15.00/event for beginners and entries in at least 3 travel tournaments for              
    advanced wrestlers.
6. Getting wrestlers to practice! Beginners need to be at practice twice per week and advanced need to be at practice a minimum      
    of 3 times per week. We understand that there are circumstances in which will not allow you to meet this requirement every              
    week however, in order to make champions, wrestlers need to put time in the mat room.
7. A team shirt and shorts will be provided to each wrestler with full year membership. Any additional can be purchased.
​8.  MANDATORY:  Volunteer hours are needed from each parent. This includes mat cleanup, time keeping at local tournaments and any fundraiser events held for the club. Remember, Boneyard Wrestling Academy is a nonprofit organization, all coaches, organizers and        board members are volunteers.
9. We encourage fathers to help coach the kids as long as the help all the kids and not just their own. All coaches will need a USA        
    Wrestling Coaches card with a copper coaching course passed as well as a background check by USA Wrestling. Visit                   for details.
10. And last but not least, PLEASE let the coaches coach your kids. Wrestling is a very personal sport that allows parents to get a        
      little bit TOO involved at times. This is a marathon sport not a sprint, yelling at or reprimanding your kids at practice will only            
      delay his or her development. We want the kids to enjoy their time at practice and want to come back and work hard to become      
      champions both on the mat and in life.